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Imagine if humans were on the verge of extinction, treated poorly, and given substandard rights on earth. Well, that would mean that cats would not have owners, and I’d have to hunt for my favorite brand of cat food and clean up after myself.

Imagine reversing the roles; we’d take better care of human beings and make sure that it was a fair society for all pets and humans. And to add to that, we’d try not to put too many pictures of our cute humans on Instagram or dress them up in frilly pink dresses for YouTube videos and laughs.

Who am I kidding? Of course, we’d go overboard there. If I’m honest, I would also call my pet human, Rudy.

Today, I’m writing with a heavy heart as I saw some harrowing stuff on Instagram with my owner. Cats, dogs, elephants, and cows everywhere are in pain, and we’re merely making videos to create awareness.

Sure, PETA will stick it to people who even wear a stitch of our fur. It’s not that humans don’t deserve to be warm. It’s just that we kinda need our fur too. And of course, many wild animals are killed by poachers every year purely because some people think that the body parts of rhinos and tigers make good “traditional” medicine – which to me, sounds a lot more foolish than people just wanting to be warm.

So I was rather proud when my owner decided to donate some of her hard-earned money towards an animal charity. I mean, with her limited income and wet food for me costing money, she can only do so much, but at least she donates when she can. The deciding factor was these alarming stats about my animal friends all over the world.

Firstly, did you know that 3-4 million dogs and cats like me are euthanized every year in the US? Shark populations are in crisis as more and more people are trading shark fins every year. And for what? Shark fin soup.

And you already know we raise animals for food and their treatment is questionable. Awareness is good, but people don’t always know what they can do to help other than try to eat less meat. On the other hand, Americans spend $60bn on pets every year. So my person and most other pet owners do know how to treat their pets decently even when those pets pounce their ankles because they want to play. They just kinda wish they knew how to do more for animals who don’t have a human who can be good to them.

Animal charities often do not receive as much revenue as nonprofits that help humans. For example, the figure of $100 million for an animal charity may seem significant, but often the extent of the animal welfare problem is so large – it’s just not enough.

Listen, I’m not a fan of Trump either. I wish my human had thought to catch a video of me swatting at his face that time I saw him on TV. Still, I was happy to hear that he signed a bill that makes the torture of animals a serious federal offense and involves jail time for anyone caught harming animals.

I know it can sometimes be difficult to pay your own bills and save up for unexpected bills, let alone have enough money left over to donate to charity. The fact remains that pets and animals make a difference in your lives. They do this by being a companion in difficult times, providing food, and generally keeping our food chain intact.

Since humans and pet owners are at the top of the food chain, animals suffer because they have very little protection. They do not have a way to be heard, except perhaps for me, who has a unique cat platform thanks to the internet.

Deciding between animal charities and human ones is difficult indeed. Take it from an animal; we need all the help we can get.

Studies show us that owning a pet can increase both your well being and longevity. Even using pet therapy, many people with terminal diseases have been able to live a long and fruitful life.

A very silly cat I saw getting caught in the bird feeder one time. Luckily, his person got him out of it easily. Helping animals in predicaments can be more complicated at times, though.

As a pet myself, you should know that we hold no grudges and can learn how to take care of ourselves if something happens to our humans (though, of course, I’d rather have my human around so I can beg her for treats). And if you’re a cat reading this, let all the other cats know we need to be extra cute to support animal welfare. Yes, even if it means getting stuck in the bird feeder.

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