Keep Guns Away From Pets and Kids

My pal Puss in Boots — who is a famous movie star now and even has his own self-titled flick — knows how to get out of sticky situations without using a gun. He also says please make sure to keep your guns out of the reach of pets and children so pets and people are less likely to get hurt by accident. Image credit Pixar

Have you ever thought about what might happen if your kids or pets accidentally get their hands (or paws) on a gun? Because kids usually don’t know about gun safety and neither do pets, it’s easy for us to hurt or even kill ourselves or somebody else because we don’t know that’s a lethal weapon.

I’ve often pondered this same idea with my mom as we watched copious amounts of news channels. She speculated about the state of this beautiful country. You know the usual questions like whether pets, and kids could live safely.

Yet, the recent spate of news has got me worried. You know, this takes me back to the first time I sat in my owner’s arms. You should know that a neighbor brought me to her as a little orphan cat.

And I often hear worry in my owner’s voice when she thinks about what could have happened to me if she did not save me. I’m the survivor of my litter. My three sisters didn’t make it because our mom wasn’t feeding us very well.

That’s the reason she called me Rudy. Or maybe it’s because I kept rudely hissing whenever I saw a stranger.

At least my human doesn’t keep a gun in a spot where I could step on it and accidentally injure or even kill somebody. There’s already too many people who do it on purpose using guns. They’re always showing new victims of gun violence on TV these days.

I mean, the other day, I was relaxing out on the pool deck when I heard my owner talking about something she’d seen online from a news outlet called the New York Times. From what she said about it, it was an incident of a two-year-old girl who shot herself with her dad’s gun.

The gun was easily accessible from under her dad’s pillow, so the kid played with it and injured herself.

And for some reason, it made me sad thinking about how almost 20,000 innocent victims are killed every year due to guns being easily accessible to kids. Unfortunately, I was unable to find figures on how many people get hurt because they had a cat or dog, they left a gun laying around, and the pet did something to cause that gun to go off. I’m sure it happens, though, and it sort of stinks that a pet might be blamed for yet another easily preventable accident and put down just because their pet-parents didn’t take precautions to keep it from happening.

Sometimes I even wish that people would have the same level of sophistication as cats. If they have to get guns, they should make an effort to keep them out of reach of kids and their pets.

The news even said that almost one-third of homes have a gun loaded and unlocked. And as I’m sitting curled up inside a deep pile of blankets, what do I know really about guns when I don’t exactly have the right to own one.

I do, however, think it’s accurate that guns harm people, but people are responsible for pulling the trigger. That’s what my good friend Walter always says. He’s a cat we sometimes visit at the nursing home. He recently hurt his leg, so he walks funny now, but he is still wise as ever.

He’s always talking about the mass shootings over the last ten years, where kids are taking guns to their school and harming their classmates. He told me that almost 78 children, teens, and young adults are injured or killed daily by guns in the United States.

Hey, I’m no expert on social matters, but it seems to me that there would at least be some control when it comes to kids holding guns and having access to them.

I also thought that if this were a cat school, it would never happen. As cats, we care about the impact on our fellow kittens. The worst that might happen in our interactions with other cats is that we get into a fight over territory or food where our teeth and claws are our only weapons. If only people could have the same policy when it comes to guns. It’s not that I don’t think people should have the right to own a gun for self-defense if they live in a high crime area or something. You shouldn’t even have to prove that there’s a definite immediate threat to yourself, your family, and (most importantly) your pets because violent crime can randomly happen at any time. It’s just that I think that guns should be kept in a safe place out of the reach of kids and pets. And, remember, cats can climb and you’ve seen those videos of cats opening doors. So we’re smarter about getting our paws on things we shouldn’t – including guns – than you might think.

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