Animals Need to Move Freely Too, and Walls Aren’t Helping!

Animals like this ugly toad that I would probably chase if I saw it on my territory could have their migratory routes interrupted by Trump’s border wall. Image credit Medium.

This wall sure is taking a long time to build, and thinking about it makes me wonder about what it means for pets and our owners. The other day, we were sitting around and meowing about how strange it was that someone wanted to build a wall to keep other people out.

My owner was talking about it and suggested to me that maybe I could tweet about it because I do have a Twitter account. But because I’m not the cat version of Trump, I decided that 280 characters was not enough to say what I really thought.

About tweeting, though, why did they not name it Mewter? It seems a much better name. Cats are better at spreading news with our Twilight Meow network than dogs with their much better publicized Twilight Bark, and I’m not saying that because I’m a cat.

Speaking of Twitter, did you also notice President Trump’s tweets to Greta Thunberg? It seems she still has not chilled.

I love her attitude too, and you could say I’m a big fan if only because climate change is definitely going to impact animals too. If Greta had commissioned a wall between Mexico and the United States – she would have done it already with her worldwide connections. I guess she is too busy trying to get governments to do something about climate change to think about building a silly wall, though.

Maybe they could have asked the beavers or the ants to build a wall if they need one. Beavers and ants are both supposed to be pretty good at creating complex structures, after all, and could probably do it relatively cheaply by making use of locally sourced materials at that.

And the best part would be that we wouldn’t have needed to shut down the federal government for 28 days in an ultimately failed attempt to make Congress do what they want.

Cats like to be able to roam freely. So do most animals. A border wall would interfere with that.

How about we invite all the pets to vote for the cats to rule the country and promise them no more invasions of their homes by two pets or more. That would do the trick. I mean, if you’re like any pet, all pet duties should be yours and yours only. And, anyway, I don’t get along with the dog that my human’s family agreed to watch for a friend with a sick kid very well. So I can definitely sympathize if you’re used to being an only pet and suddenly your mom comes home with a puppy or kitten that you don’t like.

So about this wall. Maybe there’s a better way because I hate the fact that I’m stuck on one side of the fence when perhaps I wanted a vacation on the other side. And I’m pretty sure all Mexican pets have always wanted to scope out the sights in the United States.

Mostly though, as far as I know, most pets overstay their visa requirements. And the costs associated with them illegally being in the country are minimal.

So what I’m saying is that how will we ever accommodate the costs associated with building this wall. When it comes to jobs, it seems most immigrants are in the country legally as naturalized citizens. The actual number of illegal Mexican immigrants in the US has decreased. The stats are quite telling as we see it dropped to 4.9 million in 2017 from 6.9 million in 2007. It is possible that all this talk of building a wall discouraged them from coming over.

As the Mexican border wall remains in build mode, hundreds of people and pets ponder why we need such a wall. What’s the point? To keep drugs out. To keep migrants out or to make sure people don’t steal American jobs.

Hmmm, so I could think of a better way to spend $7.8 billion in the United States. Firstly, I would take all pets out of captivity and give them good homes with a decent meal a day.

Well, that’s not possible now, because as promised, Trump has sourced the funds and perhaps soured relationships with our southern neighbor as a result of his desire for a wall.

Annoyed because even my food rations have become so simple these days. I mean someone has to pay for this wall if Mexico doesn’t (as Trump promised in 2016 during the hugging pets and babies election run)

So spoiler alert, no new wall exists except for the guys who constructed 0.5 miles of fence in Texas. And even when most of the funds from the defense budget and military children’s education fund became Trump’s wall fund.

Experts tell us that it will cost up to $45bn to build this wall, including maintenance and permissions over ten years. And of course, Trump has spoken about including a water-filled trench with snakes or alligators.

He also mentioned that there would be electric fencing topped with spikes that can pierce human and cat flesh. Ouch.

Over the last three years, the cost analysis has changed from person to person. Some speculated that it would cost about $4.5bn for the first year and need consistent payments over ten years.

It seems Trump has his ideas about building a transparent steel wall and not a concrete wall so we can see people trying to cross over. And I thought we could do that with drones scoping the area.

So now all we have is no wall, billions of taxpayer dollars spent, and damaged relations with Mexico over migrants. Listen, I can get why you’d be territorial; I don’t like the idea of sharing my space and my food dish with other animals, either. But you shouldn’t have to spend billions of dollars on a wall that might accomplish no more than interrupting some wild animals’ migratory paths over a dispute that they had nothing to do with.

The irony is that there’s some kind of invisible wall between me and this weird-looking shrimp of a dog that they call a “chihuahua” now. They say it’s to protect both me and this chihuahua from the consequences of getting into a fight even though the chihuahua most definitely started it by trying to eat my food. I guess if it came down to a choice between a wall and a fight between the U.S. and Mexico, I’d be more inclined to be understanding of Trump’s desire for a wall. However, the dollars could perhaps be more wisely spent on more practical and humane solutions to problems like illegal drugs and undocumented migrants coming into the United Sates.

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