My Position on Privacy

My human got me one of those kitty litters with a cover because she knows that there are times when privacy is important. I do, too, which is why I will often swat at people when I don’t want them around. Just because there might be times when you want your privacy doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong. I intend to respect that if I am elected president.

What I Will Do:

Respect Your Right to Be Forgotten

I will support regulation that requires private corporations to delete any data they have on you at your request. They will also be required to not sell your data to third parties without your consent and that consent cannot be sneakily hidden in their “terms and conditions” or added later without your permission. I will also take that one step farther and require that government agencies delete any data on you that is not currently being used as part of a criminal investigation.

Revamp Regulations on Which Data Must Be Collected on You

Let’s be real, KYC/AML regulations have been proven notoriously ineffective in actually combatting financial crimes like money laundering. They assume that you are automatically guilty of financial crimes or will be at some point in the future just because you want to open a bank account or use a cryptocurrency exchange. To be fair, the banks should make sure it’s you if you want to make a withdrawal, but I seem to vaguely remember that the Constitution has something to say about assuming guilt without proof.

Require Stricter Security for Your Private Data

Have you ever wondered why businesses store your credit card information or ask for your social security number when you apply for employment? There are no laws or regulations requiring them to do so, but they do it anyway and then put you at risk of identity theft by being unwilling to spend the money to properly secure that data. I will support measures requiring that businesses justify their need to collect and store sensitive information like this and properly secure any data they keep on you.

What I Won’t Do:

Assume you’re guilty of something just because you want privacy.

I get it; sometimes you just think it’s nobody’s business if you want to buy your cat some catnip. The government should not default to assuming you’re guilty just because it can’t track your every move. I’ll push for limiting the amount of information that the government can collect on you and higher standards for warrants allowing law enforcement to access privately owned databases.

Keep you in the dark about how your data is collected, stored, and used.

I’m for transparency on how your data is collected, stored, and used in both the private and the public sectors. I will push for greater transparency regarding what data about you is collected by the government and support an end to long and confusing user agreements that force you to unknowingly turn over your data to corporations before you can use their products.

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